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Enzymes and enzyme electrochemistry

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Surface modification and analysis

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Protein crystallography

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Porous materials

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Photonic crystals and microfabrication

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  1. “Features of reactive cysteines discovered through computation: from kinase inhibition to enrichment around protein degrons.” N.J. Fowler, C.F. Blanford, S.P. de Visser and J. Warwicker Scientific Reports 7 16338 (12pp) (2017). [Link to article]
  2. “Prediction of reduction potentials of copper proteins with continuum electrostatics and density functional theory.” N.J. Fowler, C.F. Blanford, J. Warwicker and S.P. de Visser Chemistry – A European Journal 23(61) 15436–15445 (2017). [Link to article]
  3. “Quartz crystal microbalance assay of clinical calcinosis samples and their synthetic models differentiates the efficacy of chelation-based treatments.” F. Fei, A. Gallas, Y.-C. Chang, Y. Rao, A.C. Hunter, R.E.P. Winpenny, A.L. Herrick, N.P. Lockyer and C.F. Blanford ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9(33) 27544–27552 (2017). [Link to article]
  4. “Bioinspired electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction using recombinant silk films.” T.D. Rapson, R. Kusuoka, J. Butcher, M. Musameh, C.J. Dunn, J.S. Church, A.C. Warden, C.F. Blanford, N. Nakamurab and T.D. Sutherland Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5(21) 10236–10243 (2017). [Link to article]
  5. “A sensitivity metric and software to guide the analysis of soft films measured by a quartz crystal microbalance.” T.P. McNamara and C.F. Blanford Analyst 141(10) 2911–2919 (2016). [Link to article] [Link to MATLAB code]
  6. “Optimizing the mass-specific activity of bilirubin oxidase adlayers through combined electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance and dual polarization interferometry analyses.” T. McArdle, T.P. McNamara, F. Fei, K. Singh and C.F. Blanford ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7(45) 25270–25280 (2015). [Link to article]
  7. “Surface characterization and in situ protein adsorption studies on carbene-modified polymers.” G.W. Nelson, E.M. Parker, K. Singh, C.F. Blanford, M.G. Moloney, and J.S. Foord. Langmuir 31(40) 11086–11096 (2015). [Link to article]
  8. “Electrochemical quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoring: A technique to optimize enzyme use in bioelectrocatalysis.” K. Singh and C.F. Blanford. ChemCatChem 6(4) 921–929 (2014). [Link to article]
  9. “The birth of protein electrochemistry.” C.F. Blanford. Chemical Communications 49(95) 11130–11132 (2013). [Link to article]
  10. “Sources of activity loss in the fuel cell enzyme bilirubin oxidase.” K. Singh, T. McArdle, P.R. Sullivan and C.F. Blanford. Energy & Environmental Science 6(8) 2460–2464 (2013). [Link to article]
  11. “Structural changes caused by radiation-induced reduction and radiolysis: the effect of X-ray absorbed dose in a fungal multicopper oxidase.” E. De la Mora, J.E. Lovett, C.F. Blanford, E.F. Garman, B. Valderrama and E. Rudiño-Piñera Acta Crystallographica Section D 68(5) 564–577 (2012). [Link to article] [Download PDB file for 4a2d, 4a2e, 4a2f, 4a2g, 4a2h]
  12. “Developing the mechanism of dioxygen reduction catalyzed by multicopper oxidases using protein film electrochemistry.” J.A. Cracknell and C.F. Blanford. Chemical Science 3(5) 1567–1581 (2012). [Link to article]
  13. “Bilirubin oxidase from Myrothecium verrucaria: X-ray determination of the complete crystal structure and a rational surface modification for enhanced electrocatalytic O2 reduction.” J.A. Cracknell, T.P. McNamara, E.D. Lowe and C.F. Blanford. Dalton Transactions 40(25), 6668–6675 (2011). [Link to article] [Download PDB file for 2XLL]
  14. “The control of shrinkage and thermal instability in SU-8 photoresists for holographic lithography.” R.G. Denning, C.F. Blanford, H. Urban, H. Bharaj, D.N. Sharp and A.J. Turberfield. Advanced Functional Materials 21(9), 1593–1601 (2011). [Link to article]
  15. “Structural basis for the properties of two single-site proline mutants of CYP102A1 (P450BM3).” C.J.C. Whitehouse, W. Yang, J.A. Yorke, B.C. Rowlatt, A.J.F. Strong, C.F. Blanford, S.G. Bell, M. Bartlam, L.L. Wong and Z.H. Rao. ChemBioChem 11(18), 2549–2556 (2010). [Link to article]
  16. “Mechanistic studies of the ‘blue’ Cu enzyme, bilirubin oxidase, as a highly efficient electrocatalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction.” L. dos Santos, V. Climent, C.F. Blanford and F.A. Armstrong. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12(42), 13962–13974 (2010). [Link to article]
  17. “Designer laccases: a vogue for high-potential fungal enzymes?” C.J. Rodgers, C.F. Blanford, S.R. Giddens, P. Skamnioti, F.A. Armstrong and S.J. Gurr. Trends in Biotechnology 28(2), 63–72 (2010). [Link to article]
  18. “A highly active single-mutation variant of P450BM3 (CYP102A1).” C.J.C. Whitehouse, S.G. Bell, W. Yang, J.A. Yorke, C.F. Blanford, A.J.F. Strong, E.J. Morse, M. Bartlam, Z.H. Rao and L.L. Wong. ChemBioChem 10(10), 1654–1656 (2009). [Link to article]
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  20. “In situ high-temperature electron microscopy of 3DOM cobalt, iron oxide, and nickel.” C.F. Blanford, C.B. Carter and A. Stein. Journal of Materials Science 43(10), 3539–3552 (2008). [Link to article]
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  22. “A stable electrode for high-potential, electrocatalytic O2 reduction based on rational attachment of a blue copper oxidase to a graphite surface.” C.F. Blanford, R.S. Heath and F.A. Armstrong. Chemical Communications (17), 1710–1712 (2007). [Link to article]
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